Driving Lessons – Category B

Driving lessons offered on the territory of the city of Stara Zagora and the city of Plovdiv

A person with the certification for category B has the right to drive:

  • Vehicles with a maximum dry weight that does not exceed 3500 kg and has a maximum of 8 seating positions excluding the driver’s seat; to which a trailer with a maximum mass that does not exceed 750 kg could be attached.

Requirements for the applicant

  • To be at least 17 years and 9 month old;
  • To has had finished primary school.

Documents for enlisting

  • ID card.

General characteristic and content of the lessons

The driving lessons include two learning modules – theoretical and practical.

Theoretical training takes place in a modernly equipped office with a qualified teacher at a convenient time for you and studies the modules:

  • "General structure of the car"
  • "Road safety"

PAUNOV Driving School provides all the necessary equipment for learning.

Practical training includes a module "Driving a vehicle" and is conducted individually according to the student’s abilities until he desired result is achieved!

The main objectives of the module is the acquiring of habits for working with the vehicles control, learning and applying road traffic rules and safe driving in different road conditions.

The driving module consists of 31 driving hours. If they are insufficient, you can also get extra hours until the desired result is achieved.

Exam for acquiring legal certification

The exam is conducted after completion of the training. An exam is made for theory -an internal and a primary one, which consists of answering a 45-question test, on a tablet, within a 40-minute time span. Upon successful passage, the student is allowed to a driving test. The practical exam consists of driving the learner car with an external examiner and the instructor present and lasts 25 minutes (according to the requirements of the normative regulation).